Plastic materials are moldable materials which can be synthetic or semi synthetic solids. They are classified mainly as polyesters, silicones, acrylics, halogenated plastics and polyurethanes. Plastic can also be categorized as thermosetting polymers and thermoplastics based on the impact of heat on them.

There are many other classifications based on different qualities. Plastic raw materials from WWT exhibit density, hardness and resistance to oxidation, organic solvents and heat. As the properties of plastics can also be altered, it has countless applications. It can be used in fibres, bags and textiles, bottles for carbonated drinks, plastic films, peanut butter jars etc. can be made from plastics. It also plays key role in the production of lenses, eye glasses, compact discs, traffic lights and so on. Stronger plastic variations find application in mobile phones and car bodies.

White Way Technology provides high quality plastic raw materials of all variations and as per the customer demands.